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Bringing you the worlds first patient-friendly catheter

Here at UroSense, we re-innovate the current Foley catheter.

The aim is to reduce CAUTI rates, decreasing antibiotic cost. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to
disrupt the urological space

Here at UroSense, we re-innovate the current Foley catheter. The aim is to reduce CAUTI rates, decreasing antibiotic costs

The aim is to improve the striking UK catheter-associate unrinary infection (CAUTI) rates, with the ultimate goal being to also see improvements in global CAUTI rates.


A Problem Long Overdue


We have an issue, a life-threatening issue, a life-threatening issue. Right now, the medical field is succumbing to the detrimental yet preventable effects of catheter-associated urinary tract infectious (CAUTIs) The most common healthcare associate infection worldwide. Current catheters were design nearly 80 years ago, and haven't faced any significant change since then

The most common healthcare associated infection worldwide

In the UK, a £100M economical burden is inflicted on the NHS annually. Urinary catheters account for 2000 preventable deaths every year. 

Short Term

15 - 25% of catheterized hospital patients receive a catheter

5% increased risk of infection each day

£1900 spent per CAUTI episode 

Long Term

50% of catheterized patients in care home develop asymptomatic UTIs. 

Catheter blockage occurs. 

Continual antibiotic use results in bacterial resistance. 

> 28 Days

< 28 Days


Santander and Future worlds

SEED prize


UCL Explore prize


Moonshot prize


Most accelerated startup

Our Partners 

Join us in creating a CAUTI free world

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