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'On a mission to disrupt the urological space'

We are UroSense, a recently-founded medical device company based in the United Kingdom, with the objective to innovate the current Foley catheter. The aim is to improve the striking UK catheter-associated urinary infection (CAUTI) rates, with the ultimate goal being to also see improvements in global CAUTI rates.


 With our team of competent and skilled individuals, we are looking to redesign the current Foley catheter. Having lacked innovation for over 80 years, it is time that a new approach is taken on Foley catheters in order to tackle the pertinent and life-changing issue that is CAUTI.


When the creativity of engineering meets the power of medicine, then the possibility for truly brilliant outcomes for humanity potentiate. 

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Whilst in his 4th year of medicine at St George's University of London, Regwaan grew the desire to want to assist catheterised patients on a mass scale. Having carried out scientific research into UK CAUTI rates, he learnt that not enough had been done to tackle the most common healthcare associated infection.

During his intercalation year studying Global Health, he sought the opportunity to join a student accelerator, Kickstart Global. There, he would introduce his ideas surrounding the innovation of the Foley catheter. He envisioned a catheter which would be more bacterial-resistant, in order to reduce CAUTI rates.

He met like-minded people in Shawn, Manoj and Federico, with whom he'd embark on this idea. The rest was history. 


What word best describes Regwaan?

"I would say I'm inquisitive. From a young age, I've always wanted to learn more and have always questioned things. So yeah, I think inquisitive describes me well."




Shawn is a final year Mechanical Engineering (MEng) student specialising in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southampton. He has worked on a multitude of engineering projects, ranging from manufacturing microfoams to prevent biofilm formation on chronic wounds, to designing turbines for Pico Hydroelectric generation and simulating Formula One components for optimal performance during competitions.

After winning design competitions around the world, Shawn now seeks new challenges and is passionate about pushing boundaries within the biomedical space. With his intimate knowledge in biofilm formation and mechanics, he brings to the world more innovative catheter designs, consulted by careful engineering analysis, simulations, and an extremely talented team. 

What word best describes Shawn?

"I'd say persistentFailure is the foundation of success. Get up, learn, keep moving, fall, repeat!"




Federico has a BSc degree in electrical engineering and an MSc in Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technologies from UCL. He has over 8 years of experience working in different research labs and startups around the world. His focus is set on the development of sensory systems for robotics and healthcare applications. During his time as a Research Engineer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design he came to realize the potential his research has in the healthcare sector, thus he went to London for his MSc. 




Manoj is a PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. With a varied background covering engineering, research and finance, Manoj brings with him a range of experiences to the team. His desire in providing useful outputs into society has led him to innovate within the field of medical devices with the hope of making the future a better place.

What best describes Manoj?

Problem Spotter